My Story


When I first started to walk I got the nickname “The Vandal” fairly quickly. This was because I was out of control and climbed everything and my arms reached everywhere. I’m not sure if my parents ever looked at me and thought to themselves “That little fatty, who just poured the pancake mix all over the floor, she will grow up to be an athlete”.

I grew upwards like a weed and understood quite quickly that being tall is good for two things according to most people 1. Basketball 2. Modelling. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. These weren’t any of my dreams. At the age of 13, I had three ideas about what I could become: dolphin trainer, combat pilot or a diver in the Bermuda triangle.

When school was finished it was travelling and exploring places outside of Enhörna and Södertälje that was my focus. I ended up moving to Wellington, New Zealand after a few years of moving from place to place. One of my first days at university there a girl came up to me and said “you look like a rower, would you like to try it?” I answered straight away that of course I wanted to try.. She said I looked like a rower, which sounded perfect. I went to the rowing club on a Saturday morning, pretty tired from a night out. I found out that I would join the Novice girl crew and that there would be 5 training sessions a week and the goal was the New Zealand University Games. 5 times a week sounded a bit much I thought and first I assumed I misheard but after checking I realised, I had heard it right. I was feeling pretty good about myself when I came back to my hostel and told everyone in my corridor that I was now a rower and that I would practice 5 times a week. At this stage I still had no idea what a rowing boat looked like.


Novice Girls at Uni Games 2003

My life changed completely from the moment I signed up to the rowing club. From that day on I have identified myself as a rower and when anyone asks what I use my tallness for I have an answer. Rowing has given me so much. I met the love of my life through rowing and so many amazing people that I can’t imagine not having in my life. But it took me a while to realise that rowing should be my top priority, not work. During one of the most crazy years of my life, 2012, I made a brave decision: To give rowing a chance and to see how far this can take me if I give it all I got.

So here I am, at the start of a long term mission towards something so big I can hardly bear to think about it, The Olympics in Rio 2016. Through this blog I want to practice another big interest of mine that hasn’t been a priority since I was a teenager, writing. I’m mainly writing for my lovely family and all my great friends all around the world since I feel that I’m bad at keeping in touch. But anyone is welcome to follow this adventure.

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